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Sunspeed Enterprises’ founder Richard Sachen featured in North Bay Biz

By on Aug 23, 2015 in Company News |

Richard Sachen, the founder of Sunspeed Enterprises, was featured in North Bay Biz’s Game Changer 2015 special edition.

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The article explores Richard’s vision of EV chargers in rural communities and destination sites, starting with the Pacific Coast Highway.  Starting there, the vision is to make electric vehicles the vehicles of choice by providing recharging sites throughout California, then the county and ultimately the world.  The chargers would be run on renewable energy, so every day would be a ‘spare-the-air-day’ and we would be that much closer to a smog free world.

The article also discusses EV charging, “Who Killed the Electric Car”, and adds a quote from Alan Soule, the president of the local chapter of the Electric Automobile Association.

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