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Sunspeed & Electric Auto Association Partner Up

By on Apr 23, 2015 in Company News, Electric Vehicles |

Sunspeed Enterprises, and the Electric Automobile Association (EAA) have agreed to a strategic marketing agreement, the Bay Area-based electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure company announced today.

As part of the agreement, the EAA will provide digital, and social media advertising solutions, plus additional marketing services. EAALogo_

Sunspeed Enterprises will offer on-site ads on 24” LCD screens throughout its various EV charging station hubs in California, in addition to offering a 10 percent charging discount to all EAA members.

“Our partnership with the Electric Automobile Association will help us engage with our target audience in an efficient and effective manner,” said Richard Sachen, CEO of Sunspeed Enterprises. “We plan to aggressively promote our commitment to a zero-emission transportation network. By partnering with the EAA, we will be able to position our message in front of a large, EV-friendly audience.”