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September 2013 US EV Sales

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September US EV Sales down from August highs.  August 2013 was the best month on record for US Electric Vehicle (EV) sales at ~11,000 plug-ins sold.  September wasn’t shabby, but was down significantly.  at 8,027.  September is the 4th highest sales month on record.

The Volt was down from last month’s high of over 3000 sold to a level more in line with previous months of 1,766.

Nissan Leaf sales are still hampered by supply constraints, with1,953 units sold in September, down from August’s 2,420 units.  It appears that most new production is going straight to customer’s hands, so correcting the supply issues should lead to larger sales.  Nissan plans to move production level up to 2,700 units per month at their Smyrna production plant.

Tesla doesn’t report monthly sales numbers, but has increased plant capacity in August and is estimated to have sold about 1,000 in the US in September.

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