Our Network

Sunspeed Enterprises® is developing the first network of Electric Vehicle charging station hubs along the Pacific Coast Highway. Each hub will contain elements that appeal to drivers:

  • A choice of fast DC charging or medium speed 220v charging.
  • A choice of payment types – magnetic credit card, RFID, Smart Credit Card, Smart Phone, and cell phone (where cell service is available).
  • A location where there is rest and refreshment available while the EV charges.
  • Weather protection.
  • 24/7 security and emergency call button.
  • LED lighting with motion detection.
  • 100% renewable energy source.

Our network of charging station hubs is designed to allow EV drivers to enjoy the beauty of the California Coast while leaving the grass as green, the sun as golden, and the sky as blue as they found it.

Charging station hub features

At a minimum Suntrail™ charging hubs will include:

  1. A Level-3 DC (480v) Fast Charging station that can charge a Nissan Leaf in under ½ hour with a CHAdeMO connector.
    1. Where feasible, there will be two level 3 chargers.
      Level 3 chargers will be upgraded to include both CHAdeMO and SAE

    2. J-1772 combo connectors when the SAE connector is available.

  2. Two Level-2 AC (220v) charging stations.
  3. A magnetic card reader for credit and debit cards.
  4. An RFID reader.
  5. Smart phone and cell phone (where service is available) payment options.
  6. ADT security system, including an emergency call button.
  7. LED lighting system with motion detector.

Where feasible the hub will include:

  1. Weather screen or cover.
  2. Solar PV panels

Our Locations

Our plan is to put a series of charging stations along the Pacific Coast Highway from Eureka to Malibu. Sites will be at inns, restaurants, and resorts that can offer drivers rest, replenishment, and refreshment. Have a favorite site that you think should have a Suntrail™ charging hub? Let us know by emailing or use the comment form below.