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Kia Picks CHAdeMO DC Fast Charger for its New Kia Soul EV

By on Mar 5, 2015 in Uncategorized |

There are basically two types of DC Fast Chargers available in today’s EV marketplace (not including Tesla’s proprietary charger): 1) The CHAdeMO standard, used by Japanese automakers, and 2) The CCS standard embraced by American and European car companies. Kia, a Korean firm, had the luxury of choosing between the two models for its brand new EV, the Kia SoulScreen Shot 2015-03-05 at 3.45.39 PM

Steve Kosowski, Kia’s EV product manager, explained the company’s decision to go with the CHAdeMO charger in a recent sit down with Charged EVs.

“We looked at both standards – it was about three years ago when we needed to make that decision,” EV Product Manager Steve Kosowski told Charged EVs. “At the time, there was some genuine interest in CCS. Then we looked at the volume of CHAdeMO chargers in the US, and we thought the prudent thing to do was to fit the car with the CHAdeMO port, and it seems to be the right decision.”

With the automotive industry largely split between the two different types of chargers, it doesn’t appear likely that the industry will see a uniform DC fast charging standard anytime soon.