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EV sales for June 2015

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For the first time, year-over-year plug-in sales are actually down.  Sales were 12,363 in 2014 and are now 10,365 for June 2015 a drop of almost 2,000 vehicles.  Why is that?  Was it gas prices, demand, supply, or something else?

Gas prices aren’t the culprit, since they have been steadily rising from lows this winter.  While gas prices don’t seem to be the major driver of EV sales, the recent increases should have seen EV sales increase.  It seems that a c
ombination of discontinued models, fewer new entries into the market in 2015 and anticipation of longer range EVs in 2016 and 2017 are the causes.

Discontinued Models:  There are fewer EV models on sale today than at the same time last year.  The Honda Fit EV, Toyota RAV4 EV, are no longer on sale.  More importantly, production on both the Chevy Volt and Toyota Plug-in Prius have stopped.  In the case of the Volt, production will restart with the 2016 in September.  The Plug-in Prius may not be available until mid-2016 or early-2017.  Decreased sales of these four vehicles represent over 1,700 of the 2,000 in decreased vehicle sales.

Supply: The Ford plug-in models also saw decreased sales.  Inside EVs reports that the lower sales seem to be related to lower supply in the spring.  Ford has started delivering more plug-ins and July sales should start recovering.

Demand: The Nissan Leaf is also showing a decrease in sales from 2,347 in June 2014 to 2,074 in June 2015.  This seems to be tied to lower demand for the Leaf caused by the imminent release of the 2016 model with a longer range, due out in October.  Demand is still reasonably strong with over 2,000 units sold in June.  It’s hard to know if recent incentives from Nissan will keep sales strong when the Georgia $5,000 rebate ends.

Here’s the link to the insideevs.com page where you can read model by model sales analysis: