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Drive Electric Week 2015 comes to Santa Rosa Sept 13

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Drive Electric Week – the annual show-and-tell event for Electric Vehicles (EVs) is coming to Santa Rosa’s Coddingtown Mall on Sunday Sept 13 from 11am to 4pm.DEWgraphic

Curious about Electric Vehicles?

They’re not only fun to drive and good for the environment, they’re also cost effective!  Learn more at the Expo.

  • Admission is FREE!
  • Ride in or drive a variety of electric vehicles – cars from last year included BMW i3, Tesla, Nissan Leaf, Ford Focus, Chevy Volt, and Kia Soul.
  • Talk with EV owners about their experience
  • Talk with owners of cars converted to electric.
  • View Charging Station Maps and learn about EV charging

National Drive Electric Week 

National Drive Electric Week is a series of events put on nationwide to educate people about electric vehicles.  EV’s have several advantages over gas vehicles and a few disadvantages.  EV’s tend to have more acceleration, better handling, smell better, cost less to operate, cost less to purchase or lease in California, give access to the diamond lanes, are more efficient, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and are better for the environment than gas burning vehicles.  While most are currently range limited to <100 miles freeway driving, newer models coming in 2016 and 2017 will have from 100 to 200+ mile ranges.

Visit driveelectricweek.org to learn about other events throughout the country and volunteer to attend.

This event is sponsored by  Plug In AmericaSierra Club, and the Electric Auto Association.