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New research increases efficiency of wireless power transfer

By on Aug 13, 2015 in Wireless Power |

New research from North Carolina State University and Carnegie Mellon University shows that wireless power transfer efficiency can be more than doubled using a MRFE – Magnetic Resonance Field Enhancer. Wireless power transfer has been around for years, but until recently was limited in range to a few inches.  Recent advances in magnetic resonance have improved...

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WiTricity – Wireless Charging Company receives Series E funding

By on Oct 25, 2013 in Wireless Power |

WiTricity, the wireless charging pioneer, has received $25 million in Series E funding.  WiTricity developed much of the current wireless power transfer technology that allows power transfer over longer distances than 20th century technology allowed.  This is good news for the wireless power transfer industry and the eventual development of inductive charging roads....

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