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EV sales for June 2015

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For the first time, year-over-year plug-in sales are actually down.  Sales were 12,363 in 2014 and are now 10,365 for June 2015 a drop of almost 2,000 vehicles.  Why is that?  Was it gas prices, demand, supply, or something else? Gas prices aren’t the culprit, since they have been steadily rising from lows this winter.  While gas prices don’t seem to be the major...

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Kia Picks CHAdeMO DC Fast Charger for its New Kia Soul EV

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There are basically two types of DC Fast Chargers available in today’s EV marketplace (not including Tesla’s proprietary charger): 1) The CHAdeMO standard, used by Japanese automakers, and 2) The CCS standard embraced by American and European car companies. Kia, a Korean firm, had the luxury of choosing between the two models for its brand new EV, the Kia Soul. ...

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Fuel Cell vs Battery – An Electric Vehicle Challenge

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This Green Car Reports article discusses the pros and cons of Fuel Cell vs Battery Electric Vehicles. I’m a proponent of any zero emission alternative and both battery electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles have the potential to be just that. Battery electrics are currently leading because there is already a viable product out there that works great as a commuter...

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Why Every California Utility Knows About the Importance of the Year 2020

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Back in 2002, California legislators passed Senate Bill 1078, also called California’s Renewables Portfolio Standard (RPS), and with it, ushered in the most ambitious renewable energy standards in the country. According to the state’s Public Utilities Commission, the program requires investor-owned utilities, electric service providers, and community choice...

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California EV Driver Survey Results

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Want to know more about Electric Vehicle (EV) drivers?  California has published the EV Driver Survey  results on the Energy Center.org website.  They survey consists of a series of questions asked of those who have purchased electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid cars and then applied for the California rebate.  Data is broken up in many different ways and users can...

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