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California EV Driver Survey Results

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Want to know more about Electric Vehicle (EV) drivers?  California has published the EV Driver Survey  results on the Energy Center.org website.  They survey consists of a series of questions asked of those who have purchased electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid cars and then applied for the California rebate.  Data is broken up in many different ways and users can select their own filters for the data.
EV Owner Survey
Want to know the top three reasons Plug-in Vehicle drivers bought their car?  Check out the decision factors tab and you’ll find out that Saving money on fuel costs, reducing environmental impacts, and the HOV lane sticker were the top three.  You can then drill down deeper by type of plug-in (Battery Electric or Plug-in Hybrid), by geographic area, by purchase/lease, and manufacturer.  Not surprisingly, Tesla owners valued reducing environmental impact most, while Leaf drivers valued saving money most.

This EV Survey site is great for those who want to know more about the EV market and what makes those who are adopting EV’s buy them.


Here’s the link to the site: