Electric Vehicle Chargers

About Us

Sunspeed Enterprises® is an electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure company.

Our first project is the Pacific Coast Suntrail™ EV Charging Hubs. A series of renewable energy hubs will run along the Pacific Coast Highway from Eureka to Malibu, located at inns, restaurants, and hotels where drivers can rest and relax while getting either a Level-3 fast charge (capable of charging a Leaf in as little at 15-20 minutes) or a Level-2 charge to boost range in a plug-in hybrid while eating a meal.

Our long-term project is Inductive Charging Roads (ICR). Using wireless power transfer technology, the ICR concept is to use Solar Electric power located on or near the freeways to power inductive coils built into the road that would charge electric vehicles on the move.

Sunspeed Enterprises® is a California Corporation.  Founded as an LLC in November of 2012 and converted to a Corporation in September 2013.  We are located at 65 Third Street, Suite 22, Point Reyes Station, California.