Electric Vehicle Chargers

EV Drivers

Sunspeed Enterprises® was founded by an Electric Vehicle (EV) driver for EV drivers. We want to hear your experiences with charging stations and your ideas for improving the charging experience.

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SunTrail Network

California Coast Map

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Sunspeed Enterprises® is developing the first network of Electric Vehicle charging station hubs along the Highway 1, the Pacific Coast SunTrail Network.

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For Investors, Sunspeed Enterprises is offering stock through a Direct Public Offering (DPO) to residents of California.

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To learn more about DPO’s – a form of Investment Crowdfunding, check out this link:

Learn about Direct Public Offerings

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Welcome to Sunspeed Enterprises®


Sunspeed Enterprises is proud to partner with the Electric Auto Association and offer members a 10% discount on charging.

Sunspeed Enterprises® was founded to help bring EVs to general use by removing some of the barriers to adoption – lack of charging options and the range anxiety that results. We are building EV charging infrastructure so that we can all leave the grass as green, the sun as golden and the sky as blue as we found it.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Sunspeed Enterprises™ is planning the installation of EV charging stations at locations along the Pacific Coast Highway. These would be located at convenient distances for travelers to recharge.  Level 3 fast chargers would be available for those traveling long distances, and Level 2 chargers would be available at destination locations so travelers can stop and stay a while.

Inductive Charging Roads (ICR)– Wireless Power Transfer
Sunspeed Enterprises® will make driving easier, cleaner and more economical by charging EVs on the move using wireless power transfer on Suntrail™ ICRs.
Suntrail™ ICRs use solar electric panels deployed on or near the road to power induction coils that energize EVs on the move. This solves the problems of range anxiety and recharge time that limit adoption of the electric car.