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Smog has been a daily part of California life for decades. It wasn’t always this way and it no longer has to be. Commercially viable Electric Vehicles (EVs) are now available from every major manufacturer with more and better models planned every year.  Homeowners are adding EV chargers to their garages and employers are adding EV chargers at offices.
The Transportation Transformation of our Generation
EVs have demonstrated that they can outperform gas vehicles through the Tesla, that they can find a niche as a 2nd car or a commuter car with the Leaf. In all areas, except range and recharge time, there are EVs that demonstrate superiority over gas burning models.
*Want to get EPA estimated mileage over 120 mpge (miles per gallon equivalent) in the city, or over 100 mpge combined? Only EVs will do that.
*Want acceleration, especially in the city? There are EVs for that.
*Want to recapture energy while braking or increase range when going downhill? Only EVs and a few hybrids do that.
*Want to get rid of smog checks, oil changes, and reduce maintenance? EV’s do that.
*Want to pay in a month for electricity what you used to pay in a week in gas? EV’s can do that. In fact, some drivers get the electricity for free.
*Want to stop driving around with 10-20 gallons of carcinogenic, poisonous, flammable liquid that gets converted to carcinogenic, poisonous gas that is warming the climate and reducing your health? EV’s can do that.

For all these reasons, EVs are poised to replace gas-burning cars. Especially when the longer range EVs planned for 2017 come out. People will replace their gas burners for EVs the way people replaced their gas lamps with electric light bulbs.


Sunspeed Enterprises has planned to add chargers in California.  Our current plans are on hold at this time.